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Mutadawil is KFIC leading trading service that represents a one shop stop for all investors and traders. For more than 10 years in a row Mutadawil has been building electronic access trading technology that delivers real advantages to traders, investors and institutions in the MENA region.

Mutadawil provides access to a wide range of trading venues and trading instruments including equities, FX and derivatives, and lots of money market places.

Mutadawil Online trading road map endeavor includes establishing a market place for unlisted equities offered locally, in GCC, and in US for clients to get access to current investment opportunities along with range of news and researches in this direction.

Mutadawil Online Trading Services places between client’s hands two powerful trading products:


  • Mutadawil Equities: which brings under a single platform major GCC, MENA, and US markets with instantaneous order execution and real time access to news and market data to help investors with their investment and trading decisions?


  • Mutadawil FX and Derivatives: which introduce a state of the art trading platform that offers clients a wide range of asset classes and alternative trading instruments such as FX, NDFs, Options, Futures, ETF’s and CFD’s.


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